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JGlobal Logistics Services

JGlobal Logistics offers a wide range of Logistics Services ranging from same-day delivery, hotshot services to pre-scheduled deliveries to customers within the Alberta area and anywhere in North America.

We provide Logistics Services to customers in many industries such as oilfield, construction, pipeline, distribution, manufacturing, wholesalers, suppliers, and Inventory Management.

Fast & Efficient

Our Services

Small Parcels

Large Packages, Envelopes

Palatalized Products

Warehouse and Inventory Management

Petroleum Product delivery

Automotive Companies

Airfreight and Sea-freight across North America and to Africa

Samuel Azubuike (Director - JGlobal Logistics)

About Us

Founded by a team of Logistics Specialists with over 15 years of logistics experience in Oil and Gas sector, JGlobal business model is hinged on customer satisfaction based on standardized logistics best practices.

We are seeking an opportunity to work with your organization and help with your logistics needs.

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